How Hello Bello is Handling COVID-19

[Last updated 4/08/20 - scroll to the bottom for the latest updates]

The rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unsettling source of uncertainty for all of us. We know you’re concerned and so are we. And at times like this, communication is key. We’ve developed this webpage to keep you informed as we manage the impacts of this public health crisis and we will update it as needed in the coming weeks. We’re gathering new information every day and making informed decisions in real-time, while also looking ahead and planning proactively.

First and foremost, our top priority is the health and safety of our community—our employees, customers, and partners.  We’ve been very active in our monitoring of the situation and in following the advice of public health experts like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local public health authorities. We’ve also been keeping the lines of communication open with others in our network, learning about their experiences, and sharing ours. We’re prepared to act quickly and nimbly in the best interests of our community, and we’ll continue to adjust our course as needed to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Secondly, we are working diligently to try to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the high-quality level of service we pride ourselves on – and, rest assured, we have PLENTY of diapers and are ramping up inventory to keep a steady supply.

While this is a very unpredictable situation, we are doing our best to be proactive about any type of disruption. We cannot guarantee we won’t be impacted in some way, but we have a number of contingency plans in place to minimize potential disruptions, including things like significantly expanding our production of hand sanitizer, ramping up inventory on diapers and wipes, and exploring new supply chains should any of our current ones be disrupted. We know the essentials we provide will become even more vital to our customers’ lives in the coming weeks and we are committed, as we have been since day one, to support you the best we can.

Speaking of support, as of now, nothing has changed with our customer support hours or the way you contact our team. Please reach out as you would normally with any questions or concerns.

For quick access to updates, you may want to temporarily bookmark this page. We promise to keep it – and you – updated on how we’re navigating during these uncertain times.  

For the latest updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, visit the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


  • INVENTORY: We have PLENTY of diapers and have ramped up new inventory coming in. Due to high demand, shipping could be delayed a couple of days. Our stock at Walmarts across the country is regularly being replenished, but also quickly selling out. If that's the case in your area, you can still order on, as well.
  • DESIGNS: You may not receive all the designs you request. Due to high demand, some designs are being swapped on the spot, on the packing line. Our goal right now is to get bundles shipped as quickly as we can. Once incoming orders slow down a bit, we’ll restore former protocols alerting bundlers when designs are out of stock. 
  • FREEBIES: We recently had to suspend the freebie with the first bundle offer in order to help maintain inventory as we navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our bundles are still a great value regardless!
  • WIPES: Due to overwhelming demand for wipes, stock has been depleted in stores and to maintain inventory in our warehouse, for the time being we've limited online purchases to diaper bundlers only in an effort to balance the needs of our retail and online customers. We are ramping up production and hope to have ample stock restored in the near future.
  • SHIPPING: Bundles are shipping out from our warehouses fairly normally (sometimes delayed 1-2 days). Once in the hands of any of our shipping partners, things are beyond our control, but if we're made aware of any significant disruptions in service, we'll communicate that with you.
  • CALIFORNIA LOCKDOWN: Hello Bello's main operational facilities are based in California but will not be impacted by the government mandated lockdown as we are considered part of the critical infrastructure providing essential products. We are actually currently increasing warehouse staffing and hours of operation in order to keep up with demand.

We hope all of you stay safe and healthy. We're all in this together – and we'll get through it together!