We’re a family brand, so it only makes sense that we use good, ol’ fashioned family values to guide everything we do.
Even though running a company involves making a lot of challenging decisions and the “right” answer isn’t always clear (kind of...no...exactly like parenting), having some solid values and standards helps keep us on the right path.
Make healthy choices.
Just like making a wholesome, homemade meal, when we develop our products, we’re thoughtful about the ingredients we choose and the final formulation. We prioritize ingredients that are safe and effective and we avoid chemicals of concern. Sometimes that means avoiding chemicals that have been linked to human health issues, sometimes it’s chemicals linked to environmental or sourcing issues, and sometimes it’s chemicals that consumers increasingly want to avoid. You’ll find a detailed ingredient list on every product page, as well as a list of the chemicals we said Goodbye to.

Be good to your Mother.
We’re definitely not living the yurt life, but we do take steps to shrink our eco-footprint. For example, we prioritize using renewable, plant-based instead of petroleum-based ingredients. We use organic ingredients where possible to support more sustainable farming. Our diapers are made with a plant-derived core liner and sustainably harvested fluff pulp. And we try to make better decisions with our packaging, too -- like our Laundry Detergent bottle that’s 100% recyclable and made from 50% sugarcane resin.

Tell the truth.
We hate marketing smoke and mirrors just as much as you do. It’s bad enough as an average consumer, but it’s the worst as a parent and conscientious human being doing their best to make good decisions. You have better things to do with your time than play detective. That’s why we try to make things abundantly clear and forthright.

  • We include ingredient lists on all of our products, even when it’s not legally required. You deserve to know what you’re bringing into your home.
  • On our website, we have detailed descriptions of what each ingredient is and what it does.
  • Our “Made Without” lists (what we avoid when making specific products) are legit – meaning we focus on ingredients that could be used, but we don’t. If the entire industry has shifted away from something, we won’t list it because you don’t need to worry about it. We are huge haters when it comes to causing unnecessary fear.
  • We recognize that many marketing claims are not standardized or regulated and we don’t want to use those loopholes against you or trick you into thinking we’re anything we’re not. We’re pretty darn thoughtful about what words we choose to use and we have a glossary of claims to make sure we don’t mislead anyone as we try to describe how awesome our products are. Visit our claims glossary to learn more.

Be kind.
From general politeness to random acts of kindness, we believe there’s almost nothing more important than “playing nice.” It’s not just the right thing to do, it has profound ripple effects of goodness. We pursue this in the workplace, in our customer care, in our content and community-building (join our village by signing up below!), and in our charitable efforts (learn about those here).

Have fun.
Running a company and raising children and simply trying to be a good human is serious business. But if you’re not having any fun, you’re not doing it right (and you’ll burn yourself out faster than an old piece of twine lit at both ends). Smiling, laughing, and enjoying life are key to thriving, so we try to have fun whenever we can. With product design and copy. With content and community events. With each other (and you!). We hope you’ll join us!