Hello Bello's Stance on the Texas SB8 Legislation

Our recent grand-opening of our facility in Waco, Texas has caused some questions about our decision to do business there due to the SB8 legislation. We hear you and understand the desire to take a stand on this policy.

Currently, we have no plans to change the location of our facility. Well before this legislation, we were working very hard for years to bring our diaper manufacturing to the US and we found the best opportunity was in Waco. The city had many residents who had previous related experience that had unfortunately lost their jobs when another plant moved out of the city – we’re helping fill that gap. And we also hope our sustainability goals for the facility have a positive effect on the region and inspire other businesses to take action.

This facility also makes us the the only independent diaper company in the US manufacturing its own diapers from design to delivery. And it allows us to control with great precision the manufacturing and distribution, eliminating overseas import and quality control challenges many other companies face. It's a perfect fit for both our sustainability and affordability goals.

We don’t agree with the legislation but also know we can’t abandon our vision and the impact we can potentially have, as well as the hundreds of people we now employ in Waco.

We don’t take any of this lightly. After many internal conversations, in addition to the above considerations, we also feel we can leverage our influence best by staying here. If we leave, we relinquish our power to influence change at the local and state level. 

Additionally, we have set up a fund to help cover costs for workers who need to travel out-of-state for reproductive health care. And that's what this is all about – reproductive health care – and we firmly believe decisions in that regard should be between individuals and their health care providers.