Born in the USA!

Our diapers are now being made at our new & improved, local factory.
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Born in the USA!

Our diapers are now being made at our new & improved, local factory.

Take a Peek

Our state-of-the-art facility has allowed us to make some awesome upgrades to our already awesome diapers! Led by our diaper design guru who’s been in the industry for decades & travels the world looking for the best of the best. We’re pretty sure he knows booty wrappers better than anybody! Get the deets by exploring the interactive diaper below:

Bigger Sizing, Better Value

We've increased the size of our smaller diapers which means your wee one won't need to size-up so soon. Since smaller sizes have more diapers per pack, that means you get more bang for your buck. (Check out the FAQs below for info on how to choose the right size.)

Stretchier Fit for L’il Leggies

Our new design mimics the best fitting diapers in the industry, which means they are more elastic around the legs. With that, they appear more “scrunched up” – an improvement to better prevent leaks and blowouts.

Double Layer Leak Guards

The leg cuffs on our new booty wrappers have a second layer of leak protection* – a feature few others can brag about. It’s a second line of defense for those inevitable super duper pee and pooper moments. *Not all sizes have this feature currently. Implementation across all sizes should be complete by early 2023.

Soft as the Dickens

Inside and out, we're still using the softest disposable diaper materials we could find.

Eco-Friendlier Materials

We’re still using a plant-derived core liner and sustainably-harvested fluff pulp, but now our diapers are also made with more local raw materials – supporting the local economy and helping us shrink our carbon footprint by reducing shipping needs.

Manufacturing with Mama Earth in Mind
Our machines use up to 50% less energy, and our factory is powered by 100% renewable energy!
Our diapers are designed to have zero waste through the manufacturing process.
We currently divert 80+% of facility waste from the landfill.

Fun Facts

Smile! You’re on camera! Our machine has over 100 cameras that take pictures of each diaper at each step along the way.

Our machine can produce 800 diapers a minute. That’s 13 diapers a second! And 420,480,000 a year!!!

Our diapers go through over 50 quality assurance tests to ensure we're delivering the premium quality we promise.