Flock This Way

Singin' "Hey diddle diddle with a booty in the middle" potty training with a little flair!
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Hypoallergenic, Eco-Friendly* & Effective

*PLANT-derived absorbent
core liner
*Sustainably harvested
fluff pulp

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What’s in the box?

6 packs
of adorable, affordable, and absorbent training pants
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4 packs
of durable, plant-based, multi-functional wipes (60-count each)
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Training Pants That Just Work

Hello Bello Training Pants are potty trainers reimagined and redesigned. From the cottony-soft stretchiness to the premium absorbent core to the cute as the dickens designs, get ready for a premium potty training experience.

Your wee one is going to be wee-weeing in the toilet in no time!
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Extra Peace Of Mind

  • Sensitive skin? These are made without lotion, latex, or fragrance.
  • Leery about leaks? Our advanced core uses a unique spherical SAP for premium absorbency – day & night.
  • Our Training Pants are also made with totally chlorine-free, sustainably-harvested fluff pulp and a plant-based core liner.
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Soft, Stretchy, Comfy Fit

  • Your big kiddo wants to be in control, and they can be with our easy on & off, fully flexible fit that feels like undies.
  • Cotton-like softness, cute designs and breathability.
  • A perfect match for even the pickiest preschoolers.

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