Funny, Free Printable Dad Libs!

Funny, Free Printable Dad Libs!

What better way to honor the Dad (or Dada, Pa, get it) in your life than by making him laugh! With that in mind, we created our very own version of Dad Libs (actually, 3 of them) for Father’s Day. 

Check out some examples from our community (get ready for some giggles - they're good!), print up our Dad Libs (at the bottom of the page), and have your kids fill them out for Father's Day! 

Miranda M


Crystal L.

Katelyn W.

Sarah D. 

Staci A.

Jerrica R.

Samantha B.

Jessica A.

Lauren J.

Download Your Own Free Printable Dad Libs!

Click here to view the PDF. 

 Click here to view the PDF.

 Click here to view the PDF.




Well, I meant to do this with my 4 and 2 year old as an adorable present for dad for Father’s Day, and enter the contest. Didn’t do it last week because “there’s so much time, I’ll do it later!” Anyhoo, started using Hello Bello for my 3rd kid (named Eleanor… potentially subconsciously Good Place inspired?!) and I love the cute designs and not having to question the quality or integrity. One less thing to think and stress about!

Carolyn on

A loyal Honest Co diaper user, I decided to give Hello Bello a try for my 3rd baby – around the time she turned two months. I’m on my fourth bundle and I’m obsessed. The diapers are amazing and work wonders on my daughter!! Also love the body wash (smells delicious) and the sunscreen. Loving the fun freebies in every bundle :) Keep up the great work, Hello Bello!

Jenny Hagge on

Hello bello it’s the best that I try, my baby girl is allergic to almost everything but hello bello give me the opportunity to finally feel free. Thanks for making this brand!!! I’m so happy with all the products. I love all the designs!!!
Can’t wait for my next bundle!!!

Keila Maria on

Love the hello bello line! Diapers are what I have always been searching for and my babies sensitive skin loves them as well. Lotion and shampoo are great and can’t wait to try more.

Rebecca on

Just wanted to praise the line. Best diaper ointment on the market! Superior coverage and non-nano zinc oxide! Love the textured wipes without any nonsense, too. We were Honest bundle subscribers before stumbling onto HelloBello and are now happy converts (especially with our second little pooper in tow). It makes me sad when little babes don’t get the good stuff. I’ll be pushing the brand. Thanks Ms. Bell for taking on this endeavor and to her Mr. for joining the fun.

P.S. loved the “sh*ts her pants” promo. 😂
P.S.S. thanks for the bath bombs! Really nice touch.

Colleen on

Hello!y husband and I are young parents! 21 years old. We have a 13 month old, Gwenyth. As soon as this company started up I was buying ALL of the products!! I admire both of you as people, influencers and actors 😆 My daughter has NEVER had a diaper rash and I genuinely believe it is because of these diapers. Thank you guys for making a brand of diapers I love and my daughter loves! I will never buy a different brand of diapers, wipes or baby soaps ever again ♥️

Jenna Stratton on

Can’t wait to begin orders with Hello Bello

Sarah Matteson on

Page 3
Race cars,dust,medium,wash dishes,heart

Stephanie Stewart on

My daughter has the most sensitive skin! She’s LITERALLY allergic to our new carpet 🙄. Hello Bello diapers are the only diapers that don’t break out her diaper area! They are soo soft they feel like cotton! THANKYOU HELLO BELLO- my daughters happy bum

Afton Morency on

Thank you! Thank you! ❤️

Skyler Jackson on

By: Lula Wood 3 1/2

Thank you for you amazing products and simplifying shopping with the auto delivery!! We would love for you to make hair detangler!! Pretty please!!!

Carrie Wood on

Thanks for the ad libs! We had so much fun making them and laughing after! Also, thanks for Hello Bello! It’s been amazing to have and use in our family!
-the smiths

Samantha Smith on

I believe as well as my children my husband deserves this more than any man in the world. He works so hard in the heat everyday to provide for me and our 5 Children. He recently lost his lazy boy due to loosing our storage due to water damage. We are building our house back up slowly. Only thing missing is dad a great chair & a kitchen dinning set plus some plates. He is so deserving of this!
Thanks so much !

Kristyn Knotts on

The best products on the market

Marsha Ann Ryan on

thanks giveaway dad libs

abdou on

Thanks for the laugh and great baby products!

Corinne woodhams on

Love this brand! Also supper cute idea to do this giveaway for all the hard working dads out there!!

Tara Runkle on

Poopoo breath could use a recliner.

Britnee on

Love you guys! Amazing people ❤️❤️❤️

Heather Jackson on

I love the hello Bello products! I’ve been using the diapers and wipes for about two months now and my baby has had NO diaper rashes, before it was an everyday thing! Highly recommend!

Haley Thomas on

We just started using Hello Bello diapers last month and couldn’t be happier!! Affordable, durable and cute prints too! Thanks!!

Kacy Green on

Daddy needs a new chair! I hope we win 💚 we have an 8yr old and a 3 month old. We have had the same couch for years and Daddy doesn’t have his very own spot in the living room.

Tiffany Vargas on

Answered by Lucy. Age, 5. We love hello bello!!!

Caitlin McNamara on

Oh please oh please oh please…. fingers crossed. My little dude just sized up. We’re finishing our last pack of size 2 rain clouds right now.

Mary Claire Patton on

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