Causes We Care About: Transition 123

Causes We Care About: Transition 123

If you watch Dr. Phil, the name Chacrice Miles might ring a bell. She recently appeared alongside Hello Bello on behalf of her organization, Transition 123, which helps women and children affected by domestic violence and homelessness.

As a survivor herself, Chacrice shared her mission of providing victims of abuse a safe places to live – from emergency transitional homes to permanent housing – so they can start to rebuild their lives. And it’s not only shelter she strives to provide in the Detroit area; Transition 123 is also a place where women have access to legal guidance and job training. Chacrice’s ultimate goal is to do everything she can to empower women to eventually transition out of the center and live on their own.

When we heard her story and learned more about the work she’s doing to help better the lives of women and children, we knew we wanted to help. So, we surprised her with a $10,000 check on the show (Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, also donated $10,000 from her nonprofit When Georgia Smiled).

If you would like to join us in supporting Chacrice and Transition 123, please consider donating directly to her organization. To learn more, visit

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We are so thankful for this well needed donation. Our clients just started using these products and stated they are great. Dax sent out Father’s Day hats in the packaging for the month, Hello Bello is a family orientated and thoughtful company. They feel how we feel considering they are living examples to a wonderful product. Transition 123 will be branding this product throughout the states we serve.

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